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Stone Pipe Company

The Stone Pipe Company was a Victorian enterprise, based on a newly patented production processses set up in 1812 at Fox Hill near Guiting Power. It held contracts to supply stone water pipes to replace the existing wooden and iron infrastructure in Manchester and London.

It is an insight into the dawn of the industrial revolution. Many of the issues encountered with the plant and technology led to general systemic change that is still with us.

Emeritus Professor Hugh Torrens (Keele University) has reasearched the Stone Pipe Company for many years and has kindly donated all of his paper work, books, photographic slides, cuttings, notes and collection of stone pipes to the UWLHS for preservation and archiving.

The collection amounts to about six boxes of material plus the pipes and is of intrinsic historical significance.

We need volunteers from the membership to scan and catalogue and archive the collection..

If you are in a position to help please contact Peter, admin@upperwindrushlhs.org.uk

A contemporary description of the process is available